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M is for Mom. M is for Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

Auto Nation Group, the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz in the Philippines, unveiled the all-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, redefining practicality, versatility and safety while putting emphasis on a sportier tourer identity. The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is the second vehicle to receive an update following the A-Class in 2018.

2005 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

More than 14 years ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced the B-Class compact tourer as part of a new segment of vehicles showcasing cutting edge, hip, and exciting designs catering to a younger market. Since then, Mercedes-Benz has created a line of new generation vehicles such as the A-Class, B-Class, CLA and GLA that appeal to a new generation of car owners who are drawn to more stylish, sporty, and technologically-advanced vehicles – all new and fresh while maintaining the distinct Mercedes-Benz DNA.

More User Value and Space

With an exciting and progressive new design, the new B-Class has redefined its relaxed and practical look with a sportier profile without sacrificing space or user value. Dubbed as a compact multi-purpose vehicle, one of the main highlights of the new B-Class is its spacious interior and cabin. Traditionally, the B-Class is the ideal family car because of its emphasis on space, comfort and safety yet sporting a compact vehicle profile — revolutionizing interior design while retaining cargo space.

The new B-Class offers increased interior dimensions from its predecessor, offering more headroom, elbowroom in both the front and the rear. The seat is also more elevated to a more level position making it more comfortable to sit in the vehicle. It also improved the all-around visibility, minimizing the risk of overlooking vehicles and pedestrians. It has a through-loading capability for longer luggage, thanks to its 40-40-20 lay-fold rear seats capability. Whether its dad’s golf bags, mom’s luggage, or the baby stroller, this new Mercedes-Benz offers no compromise on space. Highly functional, versatile and adaptable, too, moms and dads will appreciate the many ways the B-Class can serve as their family vehicle.

High Safety Standards

The new B-Class, being an ideal family vehicle, showcases state-of-the-art active safety features which are only available from the higher models such as the prestigious S-Class. It is equipped with an extended Active Brake Assist as a standard. Depending on the situation, it can effectively help to mitigate the consequences of rear-end collisions with slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles ahead, and even with crossing pedestrians and cyclists, or prevent them altogether. If the distance drops significantly below the safety threshold, the system issues a visual warning to the driver. If it detects a serious risk of collision, the driver receives an additional, audible warning. It also computes the brake pressure required to prevent a collision, if this is still possible. If, having been warned, the driver then steps on the brake pedal, the system is capable of boosting insufficient braking pressure in line with the needs of the situation. In so doing, it makes the best possible use of the remaining distance in order to leave the vehicles behind room to brake. If the driver fails to respond, Active Brake Assist can go one step further and brake autonomously if the danger of collision persists, so as to mitigate the severity of the accident or in the best case even prevent it.

It also has Attention Assist with adjustable sensitivity, which can warn the driver in a timely manner of inattentiveness and drowsiness, is also included as standard.To add to one’s peace of mind, the vehicle comes is equipped with airbags for driver and front passenger, including window bags and knee bag for the driver, as well as ISOFIX child-seat mounts and TopTether attachment points in the rear backrest, plus a host of other safety features.

MBUX: “Hey Mercedes!”

From its debut on the new A-Class, the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is also found in the all-new B-Class, revolutionizing a new era in automotive connectivity. At the heart of the MBUX system is a highly intelligent virtual assistant, which is activated by pressing a button in the steering wheel or by simply saying, “Hey Mercedes”. It caters to voice commands to attend to infotainment functions such as destination input, phone call, music selection, climate control, and ambient lighting. MBUX comes with a natural speech recognition program that helps it to recognize and understand nearly all sentences from the fields of multimedia and vehicle operation.

The MBUX feature is equipped with a 7.4-inch touchscreen display – a highlight of the comprehensive touch control concept that combines the functionalities of the touchscreen, a touchpad on the center console, and the touch-control buttons on the steering wheel for less driver distraction and stress. A unique feature of this system is its ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. MBUX can be customized to adapt to its owner.

Sporty Design with Practical Performance

The all-new B-Class is a combination of sportiness and being practical. The profile of the new B-Class is sporty, dynamic, and athletic without sacrificing its space or user value. Inside, it continues what the new A-Class started. Its interior is featured by the wide screen display, which serves as the instrument cluster and the infotainment system powered by the MBUX. The five round air vents feature a high-grade turbine look with finely styled air ducts, inspired by the world of aviation. Its Artico-leather-made seat offers excellent ergonomics and a high degree of comfort even on longer journeys.

Under the hood is powered an inline 4-cylinder engine that produces 136 horsepower and 200 Newton-meters of torque. Power is channeled through a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

Priced at P2.690 Million Pesos, the all-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class is available at the Mercedes-Benz EDSA Greenhills, Alabang, BGC and Cebu dealerships, which started accepting pre-orders and reservations from July 23, 2019. Interested customers may also call ahead to schedule a test drive with the dealer of their choice or they may visit https://www.mercedes-benz.ph for additional information.