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Nissan Go Anywhere Drive: Demystifying the Island of Siquijor

“Siquijor? What are you going to do in Siquijor?” my deeply superstitious mother asked me when I told her that I’ll be away for three days to go on a media drive with Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI). My 80-year-old Mama believes that the manananggal (half-bodied vampires), aswang (shape-shifting evil spirits), mangbabarang (evil spell casters), and bruja (witches) still run rampant ...

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Cleanfuel’s Six Road Safety Tips During This Rainy Season

The Metro has been lashed by heavy, torrential rains lately, and as you very well know, wet, rain-drenched roads mean decreased visibility and increased risk of accidents. Let these tips guide you to be ever vigilant and stay safe on the road. SLOW DOWN. Driving fast in the rain is dangerous, because it increases your chance of hydroplaning and losing ...

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When Tradition Gives Way to Evolution: The All-New Suzuki Swift Drive to Las Casas Filipinas

As I always do in most of the media test drives I participate in, I try to come up with a nice story angle to tie-in our destination with the vehicles we’re driving to get there. In my 19 years as a motoring journalist, there were some hits – where the organizers or the communications head of the car maker ...

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Go Anywhere with the New Nissan Terra

It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone off-road on a 4×4 adventure drive. Thus, when Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) invited yours truly for a “Go Anywhere” drive around Bicol with the new Nissan Terra sport utility vehicle (SUV), it was hard to say no. More so when I learned that NPI President Ramesh Narasimhan will be joining us on ...

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The Balesin Experience made more memorable with the FOTON Traveller

The Balesin Island Club is one of the ultimate, luxurious VIP vacation spots in the Philippines. Located in the pristine waters of Lamon Bay, in the quiet town of Pollilio, Quezon Province, the Alpha Land-owned 500-hectare exclusive island boasts of classical and world-class architectures, pristine white sands, and clear waters. Huddled amid its flora and fauna are villages inspired by ...

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Beefing Up the Brand

Building a brand isn’t always easy. It gets difficult when you’re trying to build a relatively new brand in a market that is teeming with established brands. And it gets even more difficult when your brand is unwittingly dragged into a stigma created by another unrelated product. Such is the predicament being faced by the Philippine distributor of BAIC Automotive ...

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